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An injury that is caused by someone else’s carelessness or misconduct not only triggers physical harm but also emotional stress and financial pressure. While most people are aware that legal relief is available in these situations, understanding the potential value of these cases and the factors necessary to establish liability can be tricky for plaintiffs and defendants. Since 1949, Willis McKenzie LLP in LaGrange has provided exceptional representation and service to West Central Georgia clients. In litigation stemming from vehicle collisions, falls, dog bites and other instances of alleged negligence, we work diligently to achieve our clients’ objectives in a highly professional manner.

Established litigators handle accident, premises liability and dog bite claims

The outcome of personal injury litigation can have a significant effect on an individual or business. Retaining a seasoned advocate strengthens your ability to succeed in all types of personal injury claims including ones arising from:

  • Auto accidents — It doesn’t matter if an auto accident takes place on I-85 or the street where you live: the physical and property damage can disrupt the lives of victims and their families. We handle claims and litigation under Georgia’s fault-based car insurance system and work diligently to develop an accurate depiction of what triggered the crash as quickly as possible. From there, we press for a favorable outcome whether the situation is resolved through a lawsuit or a first- or third-party insurance claim. Our attorneys also understand the special factors pertaining to collisions involving trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians.
  • Slip and fall incidents — Our firm handles a full range of premises liability actions, including slip and fall cases when someone has been hurt while walking on an unsafe surface. After a thorough review of the evidence, we advise clients on whether the requisite legal elements for a negligence claim exist. In these cases and other personal injury litigation, it’s important to remember that plaintiffs still can collect a recovery even if they are partly responsible for the injury as long as their share of fault is less than 50 percent.
  • Dog bites — When someone claims to be hurt by a dog bite, the applicable statute requires the victim to show that the owner was aware of the danger and acted carelessly. We outline some of the factors that go into proving or disproving these claims.

In most Georgia personal injury cases, the statute of limitations requires a lawsuit to be filed within two years of the incident. The deadlines can be shorter in cases involving government defendants. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your injury, taking prompt action gives you the best chance to make a well-supported argument at trial or during settlement negotiations. Our firm offers a free initial consultation to give you the information you need.

Knowledgeable advocates outline issues relating to injury damages

Whether your case is eventually resolved in court or through a settlement, it’s important to understand the damages that are available to injury plaintiffs under Georgia law. An individual who has been hurt by someone else’s misconduct can obtain reimbursement for medical costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses from the liable parties. We’ll evaluate the circumstances and explain how these costs as well as noneconomic damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering, might be valued. There is no longer a cap on noneconomic damages in Georgia, so it’s important to retain an experienced attorney who can put forth the strongest possible argument for your full financial recovery.

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Willis McKenzie LLP has been litigating personal injury matters and other civil cases on behalf of West Central Georgia residents since 1949.  Please call 706.350.5938 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in LaGrange.

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