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Dissolving disputes and expediting the construction process

When a dispute arises in the construction industry, entire projects are often slowed down or put on hold. This can be detrimental, considering the vast number of groups involved in a project as well as the time and money spent. As experienced trial lawyers, we at Willis McKenzie LLP know how to quickly resolve any construction dispute and help get the project up and running again in as little time as possible, while maintaining the integrity of the project.

Assisting industry professionals with a wide range of issues

Engineers, development companies, contractors, sub-contractors, property owners and architects are just a few of groups involved in the construction of property. Whenever a dispute arises, each of these workers can become directly affected. Common issues that contribute to the delay or suspension of a construction project include:

  • Defective work disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Payment disputes
  • Bid protests
  • Scope of work disputes
  • Construction lien foreclosures
  • Administrative hearings
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Delay claims
  • Bond and insurance claims
  • Creditors’ rights claims

Normally these disputes are the result of misunderstood construction contracts, which can either be relatively simple or highly difficult to understand. At Willis McKenzie LLP, we can vet these contracts to help you gain a thorough understanding of their contents and avoid costly legal disputes.  In addition when conflicts arise, we strenuously advocate for your rights through negotiation or court trial.

Services tailored to meet your needs

When you’re facing construction disputes, it’s important to hire a lawyer who can answer your questions and resolve the issue efficiently. Since 1949, we have used our vast experience to help all those involved in construction projects overcome any issue they may face. When you choose an attorney from Willis McKenzie LLP, you receive the following benefits:

  • Expediency throughthe process —We know how much time and money a dispute takes away from a construction project. We work diligently to resolve your issue so that you can resume your project as soon as possible.
  • Knowledge of the industry — Those who work in construction face daily demands and challenges only made more difficult by a dispute. We apply our knowledge of the construction industry to help you avoid further legal complications.
  • Zealous motivation— Our attorneys consistently work to win. No matter what construction issue you may be facing, we do our best to provide a satisfying outcome.

Contact experienced construction litigation lawyers in LaGrange who know how to quickly end your dispute

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