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At Willis McKenzie LLP, we pride ourselves on our broad litigation experience. We are a team of five trial lawyers who have achieved a high rate of success for the work that we do. We have the experience and the drive to handle efficiently these often complex cases.

We offer clients the following services:

Civil litigation —In cases involving non-criminal matters, our experienced trial attorneys meticulously research the facts of your case and advocate for your rights at the negotiating table and in court. Our goal is always to get you the best possible resolution.

Construction litigation —Because there are a large number of parties involved with construction of a property, it is not uncommon for disputes, such as lender liability claims, bid protests and acceleration claims, to arise.

Professional malpractice — You’ve put a large amount of hard work into establishing your career. We want to help you protect that investment. When a claim against your professional abilities threatens your livelihood, we can help defend your actions.

Commercial real estate law— Commercial real estate transactions and litigation come with many complexities that a skilled attorney can anticipate and avoid. So when conflicts flare up, our trial attorneys have the talent to resolve them effectively and efficiently.  We can also assist with drafting and negotiating contracts and ensuring that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Corporate/business law —We either represent the plaintiff or the defendant in cases involving contract disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes and consumer claims. We also have considerable experience negotiating and preparing contracts and leases.

Estate planning and administration —When you work hard to accumulate wealth for yourself and your family, you want to make sure your family can continue to enjoy these benefits after you’re gone. Our attorneys assist in the creation of effective estate plans to transfer assets from one generation to the next.

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